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  1. Ghost Giant is a virtual reality puzzle game developed and published by Zoink for PlayStation VR and Oculus Quest. It was released for PlayStation VR in April 2018 and Oculus Quest in February 2020
  2. Zoink is an award-winning game studio located in Gothenburg, Sweden, that focuses on immersive storytelling, juicy artwork and weird ideas. Always looking to try something new with its projects, the studio's games range from quirky adventure Flipping Death to emotional VR story Ghost Giant
  3. Ghost Giant, the painterly first crack at a virtual reality experience from Fe developer Zoink Games, ticks many of the cliche boxes established by previous story-driven sandbox and puzzle VR games
  4. When VRFocus first came across Zoink Games' Ghost Giant back in 2018 at the PlayStation booth during the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), the title instantly impressed thanks to a combination.
  5. Ghost Giant, from Zoink Games, has literally just taken storytelling into the 21st century with this incredible masterpiece. More akin to a virtual story with puzzles than anything else, Ghost Giant beautifully recreates the art of storytelling within Virtual Reality
  6. Conjuring such complexity is Zoink's greatest achievement and it's what I'll carry with me moving on from Ghost Giant. With all this narrative intricacy, it's easy to forget that this is.

Ghost Giant Relationen mellan spelare och spelkaraktär har legat i fokus för Zoink under utvecklingen av Ghost Giant och förutsättningarna för att presentera en riktigt bra berättelse har funnits där redan från starten av utvecklingen

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Den Göteborgsbaserade studion Zoink Games har gett oss spel som Flipping Death samt Stick it to the Man, och med Ghost Giant tar de med oss på deras första PlayStation VR-äventyr. Här bjuds vi på en underbar berättelse skapad av Sara B. Elfgren och det handlar om en bitterljuv historia som griper tag i mig från första stund Ghost Giant does tell a great story and I think it could resonate with you in this same way depending on your state of mind when playing. Zoink Games has created a fun little VR title Push Square: To kick things off, please introduce yourself/yourselves along with your position at Zoink! Games. Olov Redmalm: Hi!I'm Olov Redmalm, creative director and art director of Ghost Giant Ghost Giant is an interactive VR puppet show of sorts and we caught up with Zoink Games creative director Klaus Lyngeled to learn more about this adorable upcoming title

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  1. Oculus Quest, Reviews Mark Steighner February 25, 2020 puzzle adventure, VR, Ghost Giant, Zoink Games After an almost year-long residence on PSVR, Ghost Giant has made its way to the Oculus Quest. Much like the adorable and enchanting Moss, Ghost Giant uses VR to immerse the player in a storybook diorama to solve puzzles and assist a young anthropomorphic character, a cat named Louis
  2. Zoink's first full game was The Kore Gang, revived after its original Xbox version had been cancelled for six years. Zoink's break-out title was Stick It to the Man!, later spawning a spiritual successor, Flipping Death. As of May 2018, Zoink has 25 employees. That year, Zoink released a new game, Fe
  3. Ghost Giant circles around young Louis. He's living on a sunflower farm together with his mother. When this story starts, he's incredibly lonely. That is until he meets you -- the Ghost Giant. A giant friend that only he can see, and who might be able to help him out of the tough spot he's in
  4. iature village of Sancourt and help its citizens with all their quirky problems by using your strength and.
  5. As the Ghost Giant, you are the protector of the lonely little boy Louis, who's in dire need of a helping hand. Build trust with Louis by helping him overcom..

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Ghost Giant is easily one of the most accessible PSVR puzzle games available in 2019, despite the control issues I encountered during my playthrough. There is a deep story about mental health here, but its impact is certainly softened by the cartoony adventures of Louis and his oversized ghost friend Fe developer Zoink Games has announced Ghost Giant, a heartfelt puzzle story about trying to keep life together with a little help from a very big friend, coming exclusively to PlayStation VR

Zoink's VR Title Ghost Giant to Receive Spring Release, Physical Edition By Kyle LeClair on February 8 2019 First revealed at E3 last year, Ghost Giant was a PSVR title from developers Zoink. Ghost Giant is coming to Quest! Yes, this is one of the better PSVR games, and it should work fantastically on Oculus' standalone. In Ghost Giant, you are the protector of the lonely little boy Louis. Invisible to everyone but him you can explore his world and help him and the citizens of Sancourt

If you want a look at where the true power of VR lies, look no further than Ghost Giant. Now Zoink Games' seminal VR adventure is finally arriving on Oculus Quest I april släpper den svenska utgivaren Thunderful VR-spelet Ghost Giant från studion Zoink.Ghost Giant visades upp redan på E3-mässan under förra året och fick redan då mycket lovord. Spelet är ett pusseläventyr som kretsar kring den ensamme pojken Louis och hans kompis, en vänlig jätte som bara Louis kan se. Tillsammans skall de överkomma små och stora hinder och bygga starkare.

Ghost Giant Review I have spent the last few days with Zoink's Ghost Giant and being a man of 37, father of 5 children i'm a massive fan of most animated/CGI movies that are out there so this game was perfect for me. When you first get into the game you are greeted by a kitten named Louis who is sat crying by the pond his tear's slowly creep across the pond and make up your hand's Ghost Giant is a cute puzzle adventure game for PS VR, you play as a giant ghost and will help your little friend Louis through his story. You only control the ghost and don't control directly Louis but you will need to interact with different things to open new paths, solve puzzles etc Ghost Giant will launch for PlayStation VR diigtally on April 16, developer Zoink Games announced.In Europe, Perp Games will publish a physical edition on April 19. Here is an overview of the game, via Zoink Games: This exciting puzzle adventure filled with warmth and charm sees a lonely boy named Louis befriend a giant ghost visible only to him

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Hej, Det här är en kommentar. För att komma igång med moderering, redigering och radering av kommentarer, besök sidan för kommentarer i adminpanelen Developed by: Zoink, Thunderful Published by: Sony Interactive Entertainment Available for: PlayStation VR On its surface, Ghost Giant's cute paper mache exterior covers the deceptively complex emotional journey of a tiny fox named Louis.Throughout a number of scenes, you'll act as his guardian angel, helping him navigate storybook level dilemmas such as gathering seeds to plant and harvest

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Image courtesy of Zoink Games / Wonacott. Ghost Giant is now available exclusively for PlayStation®VR at North American retailers!The graceful and whimsical virtual reality adventure from Zoink Games and Perp Games can be purchased in store or online through Amazon, GameStop, and Best Buy for $29.99.. The Ghost Giant physical version features For Ghost Giant, Zoink has teamed up with renowned writer Sara Bergmark Elfgren, whose work ranges from novels to graphic novels to screenplays, and has been translated to 25 languages. We're very excited about what we've been able to achieve together, with our quite differing backgrounds in storytelling coming together in a new media Ghost Giant je logická hra pro virtuální realitu vyvinutá a publikovaná společností Zoink pro PlayStation VR a Oculus Quest. To bylo vydáno pro PlayStation VR v dubnu 2018 a Oculus Quest v únoru 2020

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Ghost Giant is full of charm, character, and joie de vivre (if you'd pardon our French). Final Fantasy VIII Remastered How to play Kingdom Hearts Cyberpunk epilepsy Cities Skylines tips Life is Strange True Colors Ranking Monster Hunter Criature Ghost Giant follows Louis, a young boy and the only person who can see your titular character. Louis lives on a small farm just outside of town with his mother, but something isn't right Creative director Klaus Lyngeled explains the concept behind the charming puppet show adventure Ghost Giant will have you solving puzzles, moving objects, and performing other duties in an attempt to grow closer to your new companion. This game will feature a heart-warming tale that is sure to leave you smiling. Ghost Giant is being developed by Zoink Games who are known for Stick it to the Man, and Fe

Ghost Giant is broken into a dozen or so self-contained scenes, each reminiscent of a large-scale shoebox diorama that offers you various tasks to accomplish. Movement is restricted: although you can take a step or two, it's really more about turning and bending, and environments are designed so compactly that everything is within easy grasp Zoink Games' Ghost Giant will soon be arriving on PlayStation VR, with a digital release date of next Tuesday, 16th April.Last month the studio also revealed a collaboration with Perp Games to. Ghost Giant; E3 2018: Zoink Announces Whimsical PSVR Game Ghost of Chernobyl cheese string Stick It to the Man have taken to Sony's latest pre-E3 2018 stream to announce Ghost Giant,.

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Ghost Giant a new puzzle adventure game from Fe developer Zoink has been announced for PlayStation VR.. According to a post on the official PlayStation website, in the game you play as the Ghost. 124 votes, 110 comments. Hello! I'm Olov Redmalm, Creative Director and Art Director of Ghost Giant, an upcoming PSVR title by Zoink Games in Ghost Giant is the new incoming PSVR exclusive made by Zoink! Games. It is a puzzle adventure in which we will be taking the role of a giant ghost helping our small, cat-like friend. As the trailer of the game says: When you feel sad and lonely, friendship may come, from where you least expect it

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Ghost Giant is Zoink!'s Adventure and VR game released in 2019. Ghost Giant offers the following styles of play. An adventure game is where the player is usually the protagonist and plays through an evolving story. The storyline is the driving part of an adventure game. Most VR games use a VR. Ghost Giant - Exclusivo PSVR It's thrilling how many different ways there are to tell a story. Novels, movies and games all have their own approach - and with VR, even more unique possibilities have arisen. That's something we want to explore with Ghost Giant, Zoink's brand new title that we're.. Home Reviews Previews Tech Features DarkCast DCI Videos Contact Reviews Previews Tech Features DarkCast DCI Videos Contac Ghost Giant is a VR game developed by Zoink! Games. In Ghost Giant, you are the protector of the lonely little boy Louis. Invisible to everyone but him you can explore his world and help him and the citizens of Sancourt. I worked on porting the title from PlaystationVR to Oculus Quest together with one other programmer Zoink's VR Title Ghost Giant to Receive Spring Release, Physical Edition By Kyle LeClair on February 8, 2019 First revealed at E3 last year, Ghost Giant was a PSVR title from developers Zoink.

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GHOST GIANT (PSVR/PS4) - ENTHUSPLAYS | GAMEENTHUS. #GhostGiant #ZoinkGames #PSVR. Aaron plays some of Zoink Games', must-play experience, Ghost Giant for PSVR. Full Disclosure: This game was provided to GameEnthus by the PR rep, publisher or developer. Genre: VR puzzle, story-driven adventure Developer: Zoink Games Publisher: Zoink Game VR Focus - The Reality of Virtual Reality. News. Adorable Puzzler Tin Hearts Resurfaces This Winter 202 In their next reveal leading up to E3, Sony revealed a PSVR title in works by Zoink Games, Ghost Giant. Sony's PlayStation Blog describes it as a title where you: Use your see-through hands to lift furniture, vehicles and trees. You can even rotate and open entire buildings to reveal the stories going on inside Fans of Zoink Games' incredible back catalogue of fantastic indie games who also happen to own a PlayStation VR are in for a treat this April, as the developer announced today that their next effort, Ghost Giant, will be releasing digitally on April 16th! Announced just prior to E3 2018, Ghost Giant is a PSVR exclusive and tells the tale of boy named Louis and his enormous, ghostly friend.

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Ghost Giant's Oculus Quest release date is February 20. Developer Zoink just confirmed as much on Twitter. Ghost Giant remains one of our favorite VR games Ghost Giant är ett oerhört mysigt äventyr som släppts exklusivt till PlayStation VR. Bakom produkten står svenska Zoink Games och spelaren tar kontrollen över ett stort spöke som hjälper en liten kattpojke i en värld som påminner om modeller som många av oss säkert har byggt någon gång i livet. Charmen är total och neda Ghost Giant - Launch Trailer video - Kika in denna nya trailer för Ghost Giant från kategorin Äventy Developer Zoink Games - the studio behind Stick it to the Man, Fe, and Flipping Death - has announced that its adorable virtual reality puzzle-adventure Ghost Giant will launch on PSVR on April 16th A PlayStation VR game from Zoink

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Ghost Giant - PS4. Gamereactor UK brings you the latest news, livestreams, reviews, videos, trailers, screenshots, wikis, previews, and release dates Ghost Giant is Zoink's take on VR. No crazy roller coasters or zombie shooting, just you and your tiny friend going through a warm story about being there for someone else, says Klaus Lyngeled, CEO and Creative Lead. Be The Protector of Loui Ghost Giant - Launch Trailer videoGhost Giant- Trailer Check out this new trailer for Ghost Giant, which shows us 66 from the upcoming adventur A friend in need is a friend indeed, and friendship can come in the most unusual forms. Like in that of a giant ghost. In Ghost Giant, you meet young.. Ghost Giant. Ghost Giant Wants to Blend Slapstick and Sadness. Do tears and VR headsets mix? Let's find out. + by.

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